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Mauro's Plumbing


Established in 2012 Mauro has been working in the plumbing industry since 2001. He was an employee and partner before deciding to launch "Mauro's Plumbing" in 2012. His satisfied and complimentary customers were his motivation to take a risk and go out on his own.

"I get immense satisfaction from the gratification I see on people's faces when I've completed a job. Often times when I get a call the customer is stressed. They may be experiencing a plumbing emergency and are concerned about the cost. Problem solving, explaining and demystifying plumbing to my customers is a HUGE part of my job and something I take great pride in doing well."

"When possible I always try to provide my customers with options. If it's a simple problem they can fix themselves I will let them know how. If it's a bigger problem with a greater cost involved, I will educate them on a short term less expensive fix versus a long term more expensive solution."

Meet the Business Owner Mauro M. "I am originally from Brazil and emigrated to the Bay Area in 1991. My attraction to living in the United States was the opportunity of working hard and seeing tangible results."

"My dream was to have my own business and with hard work, perseverance and making connections I have been able to accomplish that. We are a small family owned business and we take great care to provide excellent customer service. I am fluent in Portuguese and Spanish as well as English."

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Phone: (510) 290-2785

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